Community Outreach Program Receives Walmart Grant

This past December our Corporate Fundraising Leader applied for various grants to help Full Gospel House of Refuge better serve its community not only during the holidays, but throughout the rest of the year as well.  We are pleased to announce that our church was awarded one of those grants – $1500 from Walmart, Facility #6528 in the Eastgate area.  Below is the edited email from Walmart notifying the church of its selection:

Sent: Tuesday, December 27, 2016 4:09 PM
To: Timothy Thoma
Subject: Walmart Community Grant, Facility # 6528

Dear Timothy Thoma,

Congratulations! The Walmart Community Grants Team and Facility #6528 are pleased to inform you that your Community Grant application has been selected to receive a $1,500.00 grant.

At Walmart, we strongly believe in giving back and are proud to support organizations that improve communities where our customers and associates live and work.

As a Community Grant recipient, we encourage you to celebrate this accomplishment. Please contact your Sam’s Club manager to discuss recognition opportunities and other ways to generate grant awareness.

We appreciate your efforts to help people live better and wish you success.


The Walmart Community Grants Team

walmart-logo  samslogofb


The church is now in the process of deciding what to do with the funds, and will reach out to Walmart/Sam’s Club very soon to discuss the opportunities mentioned above.

We at the Full Gospel House of Refuge would like to thank the Walmart Community Grants Team for this wonderful opportunity to give back to our community, and look forward to working with them in the future.

Our sincerest gratitude to Walmart/Sam’s Club and their Community Grants Team.


We love you and pray God’s blessings upon you,

Your friends in Christ
at the Full Gospel House of Refuge


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